Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Quick Note

I went through this entire cookbook and have discovered that some menus are soups only, desserts only, cookies only or drinks only.  I am piecing together several menus and am having difficulty in making a freakin' decision.  Everything is just too good!  Tomorrow I will narrow it down and post the final menu. 
On another note, just because it comes out of a box or package doesn't mean that is the way it needs to be made.  You can always experiment with different things to spice up any dinner.  For example,  I am not that good at making homemade soup so I buy the Bear Creek brand.  Our favorite is Creamy Potatoe.  Last night I was craving soup.  I made the Creamy Potatoe and just looked at it's monotonal coloring.  Boring.  I ended up adding Mexicorn and chunks of red potatoes.  It was so good!  I also made sweet, yellow cornbread.  It was the perfect meal for a rainy night! 
Feel free to post your comments on how you might spice up a boxed, canned or straight out of the bag dinner!

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  1. 2 recipes!!!! Hahaha!

    First I made some pretty awkward Sloppy Joe's, and they didn't turn out too bad. I used institutionalized pork patties, cooked them all in a pan, then chopped them up in a Cuisinart Chopper. Mixed them in with some sauteed onions, and chopped bell pepper. Then threw in some Manwich, and made a way to spicy Spanish rice to go on the side. It turned out pretty well.
    The best for last! And here is the final recipe!

    Almuerzo de Los Conquistadores

    Yields 2 servings

    Corn Tortillas
    Louisiana Hot Sauce
    Tomatoes and Green Chiles(or 1 can of Rotel, it's what I used)
    Cactus (whether it's your own preserved or a purchased jar)
    5 eggs
    A few small cubes of Velveeta Cheese

    The Eggs
    Scramble the eggs, thrw some cheese in it and add a dash of salt for flavor.

    The Additives
    Cut up tortillas into parallelogram strips. In separate pan combine the tortillas with one can of Rotel(partially drained, cactus, and some Louisiana Hot Sauce. Let simmer for about 5-7 minutes, and then throw on top of your eggs. Voila, Almuerzo de Los Conquistadores.